B.B. Gallini (carriemonster) wrote in divacon,
B.B. Gallini

this has nothing to do with Divacon per say...

but I just came back from the most wonderful vacation ever.
The goth cruise!
You should all think about coming to that next year!

Islands. Warm weather. Slushy drinks. Need I say more?

Oh and SPF 48 = no sunburn no tan yay!

Just do me a favor and think about it ;)

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can't wait to see pics
ya know there is a spf 70 :D
Ohhhhh....that sounds so wonderful! Especially in the snowy dead of winter up here in Cheeseland....mmmm, sunshine and slushy drinks with little umbrellas...served in pineapples? *hopeful look*

I would have to wear the spf 70 WITH a great big sunhat with lots of veils. Perfect!
I *was* thinking about it! LOL! Dammit... I wanna holiday!

Sounds fab sweetie.... We'll have to make DivaCon just as fab! :)