Jola Rocknrolla (jola) wrote in divacon,
Jola Rocknrolla

good news (for me)

this is not going to make sense unless you know me (and about 1/2 of you do) ... but i have good news! My husband is all over us going to New York in September so he can visit his family and i can hang out w/ you guys for a few days ::beams::. So if you love me please vote for the first week in September so I can attend ok? it'll be perfect for us. (Lizbet, i don't recall what i voted for - but i need to change my vote for the labor-day weekend).

and i demand a reason to bring my new Polonaise and corset! There *must* be uber-fabulousness as an excuse to take the fabulous gown out of moth balls \m/

once the date is nailed down, we can work on finding cheap tickets :)

I'm so happy! Can't wait to see you guys, and meet the few of you I haven't met already :D
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