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Bats Day Plus Size Tshirts

Okay this is not for public consumption...just for distribution amongst us/our friends who we can account for...

I was just on the phone with Noah from BatsDay and he said that if I could provide to him a list of people we know orderd Package A (simply because we weren't going to buy a size L tshirt we couldn't wear) instead of a package with a +size shirt in it .... He could get us all a set of shirts ordered and we could upgrade our packages with him (he'll facilitate this).

So here's what you need to do...

Respond back to this post that you want to add a + size shirt (men's plus size shirt) XL or 2X and the quantity you'd like to add to your package and your email address you used for registering for BatsDay (this way Noah can find you in his database). I don't know the price, I anticipate as with other +size shirts that this will incur an additional $2-3/shirt extra for "talles grandes por las mujeres amplias"

I'm terribly excited about this option. So if you know of someone else who is going that would want one of these and you're willing to put their purchase under your name... GREAT! Or if they did the Pkg. A versus the others due to the limited Tshirt size, include the email they used to register here as well.

Noah has to have a set minimum # of shirts to order extras beyond what he has so we need to see at least close to 25 folks who want bigger shirts for this to happen!

Whee...we can have kewl tshirts too! ;)

Shirt Size
Number of Shirts
Email used to register for BatsDay

You know what to do! Go forth and gather the masses...
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*raises hand*


I already emailed him about it, when I paid, but count me in.

I'm to supply him with one consolidated list of 'our group' and he'll see what he can do for us (already registered types)

What size do you want darlin?
And how many?
Just one, and I'll have a 2 or 3 X. Whatever is easiest.

so, if we already ordered a package that included a shirt, we cannot ask for a different size right?
I'd say if you want a plus size shirt, make it known here, I'm sure he'll readily be able to sell the other ones on site....

He seems to be really nice, and doesn't want people to not be able to wear the shirts they get in the packages just to admire them on someone else... :)
What size did you want your shirt to be?

Noah, it's not looking like we have a lot of folks in this crowd saying so after probably not enough to order a special set....although I'm pretty sure you'd be able to sell any small quantity onsite as well....

well, see I got these big ass boobies! so an XL just does not work. So, a 2xl or 3xl would rock.
I think most of us would be okay in 2X but comfy in a 3X... see prior note big boobs :)
cant say anything bad about Ass Boobies ;p
haha I hope I don't have ASS BOOBIES!
Wish i could go so i could get one. :( Have fun guys! Next year If we don't travel our brains into bankruptcy! :)
So what is the plan?
Is this the only people who need shirts in 2xl?